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Your membership will be a win-win experience. 

Become a I Saved Marine Educational Today Member by just collecting any one of our Ocean Bracelets.


Or collect all 5 Oceans - Atlantic, Pacific, Indian, Arctic and Southern Ocean and receive a complimentary limited edition All Ocean Bracelet.


Most importantly, a 100% of the funds will be credited directly to any school, museum, or environmental center of your choice. And, so that others can choose the same, your choice will be added to The Monitor your Credits pages.

In addition, Ismet.Live provides an all access Marine Library of video links to participating Schools, Museums and Environmental Organizations.


And when a school or organization attracts enough credits, Ismet.Live will deliver a state of the art Marine Educational Touch Tank completely FREE, ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD. Please see these pro marine teaching tools below.


Simply put, the Ocean Bracelet that you choose will directly support any community that you wish to develop or enhance marine education. In a greater effect, your investment will grow and inspire the next generation to care for our oceans, the most important resource we have. 


From all of us at, thank you for making a difference in marine education today!



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Mini Sea Bus Outreach Daytripper

250 Membership Credits - One Outreach Mini Sea Bus

Sea Bus.jpg

350 Membership Credits - One 50 Gallon Sea Bus

100 Gallon Touch Tank Camp Ocean Pines,

450 Membership Credits - One 100 Gallon Marine Educational Touch Tank

495 Membership Credits - One 150 Gallon Marine Educational Touch Tank